• Who are Corsetdeal ?

    Corsetdeal is one of the pioneers in Corset manufacturing. Though no formal data available but we are easily world’s biggest corset manufacturing company having made more than 1 million of them since we first started. While most of the corsets sellers are middlemen, buying from somewhere and sell...
  • Where is Corsetdeal based ?

    Corsetdeal is UK based company with head office & warehouse based in Milton Keynes.We manufacture in India and Nepal in our fully owned factory.
  • Tell me more about Corsetdeal team.

    Corsetdeal is owned by a passionate individual who is a designer from a reputed fashion school. His eye for details and passion to make quality product led him to establish the company 15 years back. Starting from 1 machine making 1 corset, the company now runs 200 machines making 10,000 corsets ...
  • Why can I see lot of your designs same as yours on internet ?

    Corsetdeal has a team of designers working tirelessly to churn out new designs. We have team working separately on textile design, prints and blends. Hence what you see on Corsetdeal website are all authentic and original designs. However that unfortunately makes us the most copied brand too. On...
  • Where do you source your fabric ?

    We have a large stake in one of the fabric mills. That helps us get preferential prices and timely fabric delivery.
  • Can I join Corsetdeal team

    We love to get talented and passionate team onboard. In fact our workers are our biggest asset. We are more of a close knit family working towards a common goal each single day. Please drop your CV to the Support with heading ‘Resume’ and we will keep it in our records for any prospective vacancy.
  • Can you make a bigger quantity at a better price, in case I want to resell your corsets ?

    Please get in touch with the support team. This is always a possibility.
  • If you make on your own how can retailers from China sells cheaper than you?

    Most of the Chinese corsets are plastic boned and hence cannot be termed at corsets at all. In fact Chinese corsets drive away a lot of new and aspiring corset lovers from this genre forever. Chinese manufacturer makes it with sole aim to be cheapest happily oblivious of the quality they are maki...